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Your location: Home >> Bid Owners >> Shanghai Meihua Anjie Freight Trading Center Co., Ltd.
Owner of Tender Procurement Owner
Shanghai Meihua Anjie Freight Trading Center Co., Ltd.

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Company basic information  
company name:
Shanghai Meihua Anjie Freight Trading Center Co., Ltd.
Business model:
Wholesale distribution
major business:
Registered capital:
RMB 2 million
number of workers:
201-300 people
verification method:
Contact Information  
Condition ☆☆
Ministry of Logistics and Commerce
mobile phone number:
136 ******** ( Please register for free before you can browse. )
contact number:
************** ( Please register for free before you can browse. )
fax number:
************** ( Please register for free before you can browse. )
company address:
Shanghai-Shanghai, 16th floor, Ketou Building, 285 Jianguo West Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Postal code:
保 å *************** ( Please register as a free member before you can browse. )
Company summary information  
Main business:
Logistics Services; Freight Services; Logistics Dedicated Lines; Logistics Advertising; Freight Advertising; Freight Dedicated Lines; Logistics Inquiry; Freight Inquiry; Dispatching Vehicles; Vehicle Transport; Anjie Shunting; Shanghai Shunting; Safety Shunting; Shunting Center; Shunting and Distribution; Shunting; Car Source; Car Search; Chartered Car; Car Source Information
Company Profile:
Anjie Freight Trading Center is a fourth party logistics service organization invested and built by Yitong International Shanghai Meihua System Co., Ltd. Relying on service innovation and strong information technology in the field of logistics and supply chain, this center has built an advanced freight transaction service system and collaborative logistics service system, integrating various types of high-quality logistics resources, including high-quality logistics service providers in various industries, domestic High-quality freight special line companies in various provinces and cities, small and medium-sized high-quality truck truck fleets, advantageous freight forwarders, customs brokers and bonded and general storage service providers on various routes, etc., can provide non-core logistics outsourcing for cargo owners enterprises-such as vehicle LTL Basic logistics services such as bulk cargo transportation, container truck transportation, domestic logistics distribution, import and export customs clearance agency, warehousing management, etc. can also provide enterprises with distribution logistics, procurement logistics, JIT production line logistics distribution, VMI (vendor management library), bonded Integrated logistics solutions such as logistics and deep-processing carry-over day-trip business help companies improve the efficiency of their supply chains and promote customer product innovation. Anjie Cargo Trading Center has established local service centers in Shanghai, Suzhou, Qingdao, Jinan, Dezhou and other places. In Shanghai, Pudong Airport, Putuo Logistics Park, Waigaoqiao Port Area and Southern Logistics Park have been established. Capacity service resources and capabilities Currently in Shanghai, there are more than 30,000 square meters of usable storage area, more than 50 container truck fleets, more than 1,500 container vehicles, more than 120 contracted intermodal lines, and more than 8,000 mid- and long-distance bulk vehicles. Bulk cargo resources can cover 30 provinces and major first-tier and second-tier cities nationwide; nearly 400 0.9-3 ton vans can be dispatched into and out of Shanghai, 45 refrigerated transport vehicles, and 38 vehicles supervised by the customs. Shanghai Minhang Warehouse Shanghai area has opened Pudong Airport customs clearance special delivery time for Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas, Shanghai City, Jiangsu, Zhejiang major cities can be invented today, express goods can also be specially delivered by special car; Shanghai to and from Qingdao, science and technology to optimize logistics Collaborative Value Creation Customer Service Hotline 4008856114 Southland Express Express Shuttle. There are 350 container trucks that can be dispatched in Qingdao area, mainly for importing and exporting goods in and out of Shandong port near Qingdao port. About 60% of them can be monitored by GPS in real time, and there are more than 300 bulk transport vehicles to and from Shanghai and Qingdao. Currently, The express car shuttle (10 hours arrival) from Shanghai to Qingdao, Qingdao container fleet Yantai, Weifang has been opened. It operates twice a day, the speed of air transportation, and the price of land transportation. Jinan and Dezhou areas can use more than 15,000 square meters of storage area, can dispatch more than 1,600 vehicles such as bulk flatbeds, vans, high rails and other models, mainly from Jinan to Qingdao, Yantai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other places. There are three express trains from Jinan to Shanghai. Scope of services: l Domestic land transportation n General cargo LTL transportation n Container truck transportation n Refrigerated cargo LTL transportation n Urban transport n Supermarket distribution n Large and special transportation operations n Customs supervision transportation n Technology optimization logistics collaboration to create value Customer service hotline 4008856114l Warehouse logistics services n Warehouse leasing (bonded, general) n Warehouse escrow (bonded, general) n Logistics packaging services n Packaging, secondary processing, labeling and other value-added services l International cargo transportation n Express clearance n International shipping agents n International air freight agency l Import and export logistics n Bonded logistics solution n Day trip business n Transit business l Comprehensive logistics solution n Distribution logistics solution n Purchasing logistics solution. JIT production and distribution solution. VMI supplier management inventory solution l Insurance Agency services l Other value-added services n Magnetic inspection n Commodity inspection ...... Technology optimization logistics collaboration to create value Customer service hotline
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