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Texas Asia Pacific Group Co., Ltd. (Marketing)

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Company basic information  
company name:
Texas Asia Pacific Group Co., Ltd. (Marketing)
Business model:
Production and processing
major business:
Registered capital:
RMB 0 million
number of workers:
1000 people or more
verification method:
Contact Information  
King ☆☆
mobile phone number:
183 ******** ( Please register for free before browsing. )
contact number:
************** ( Please register for free before you can browse. )
fax number:
************** ( Please register for free before you can browse. )
company address:
Shandong-Dezhou Dezhou Economic Development Zone Asia-Pacific Industrial Park
Postal code:
kong *************** ( Please register for free before browsing. )
Company summary information  
Main business:
Air valve; fan coil; fan; air outlet; air box; cooling tower; water tank; muffler; fresh air ventilator; air pipe; air curtain unit; air-conditioning unit; Installed fan coil; FRP water tank; Round counter-flow cooling tower; Square cross-flow cooling tower; Aluminum alloy double-louvered air vent;
Company Profile:
Established in 1994, Dezhou Asia Pacific Group is located in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, which is known as the "Jiuda Tianmao, the Beijing-Tianjin Gateway". It has an excellent geographical location and convenient transportation. The group has a registered capital of 120 million yuan, covers an area of 700,000 square meters, and has 3,200 employees. In 2010, it achieved sales revenue of 2.31 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 210 million yuan. The Asia-Pacific Group is a garden-type garden-style development enterprise integrating scientific research, design, development, production, sales and installation of four major series of products: electric refrigeration central air-conditioning equipment and terminals, fire ventilation equipment, glass steel products, and clean products. 2. Modern large-scale enterprise groups. The company has 8 automation technicians, 3 senior titles, 5 intermediate titles, and 8 on-site commissioning personnel and after-sales service personnel. Dezhou Asia Pacific Group's performance of central air-conditioning projects throughout various regions of the country, products are widely used in civil air defense, textiles, hotels, transportation, energy, power plants, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food, hotels, entertainment and leisure, shopping malls and supermarkets, industrial and mining, steel plants, home appliances and Central air-conditioning systems and HVAC projects in schools and other industries. Main product fan series (smoke exhaust, fire exhaust fan, diagonal flow fan, mixed flow fan, duct fan, roof fan, induced fan, fresh air ventilator, FRP low noise roof fan, DWT series low noise roof fan, axial flow Fan, ventilator, centrifugal fan), fan coil series (fan coil air conditioner, horizontal surface mounted fan coil, concealed fan coil, new fan unit, air conditioning unit, air handling unit), damper series (fire prevention Valve, smoke exhaust fire valve, regulating valve, multi-leaf halving regulating valve, check valve, fire valve, remote control fire valve, fire regulating valve), cooling tower series (square counterflow cooling tower, square crossflow cooling tower, Circular cooling tower), water tank series (SMC water tank, stainless steel water tank, SMC molded water tank, FRP water tank, galvanized sheet water tank, hot-dip galvanized water tank), muffler series (muffler, static pressure tank, micro-perforated muffler, short-arm muffler Acoustic elbow), air duct series (galvanized duct, iron duct, common plate flange duct, white iron duct, FRP duct), air duct series (double-layer louver air duct, single-layer louver Outlet, the outlet from the vertical blinds, swirl diffusers, rain blinds) and other central air-conditioning end accessories. Brand-the symbol of the company. The Asia-Pacific brand has a long-standing reputation. In 2004, it obtained the first batch of national refrigeration equipment production licenses. Following the acquisition of a famous brand in Shandong Province and a famous brand in Shandong Province, it was awarded the China Famous Brand in 2006. In 2008, the refrigeration unit was selected into the government procurement list of energy-saving products, and the Asia-Pacific Group was included in the national torch plan high-tech enterprise. Strength——A strong Asia-Pacific team backed by 3,000 employees; more than 100 high-precision CNC equipment; more than a dozen automatic assembly lines; national refrigeration equipment centers; strictly operating ISO9001 quality assurance system; meticulous dedication of Asia-Pacific people Spirit has become a powerful backing for building Asia-Pacific boutiques. Innovation-guarantee of development Management innovation, technology innovation, product innovation, Asia-Pacific has always kept up with the pace of the times. It has launched liquid-filled units, ground-source heat pump units, ultra-low temperature units, roof-type units, etc. and has obtained a number of national patents and enjoyed independent intellectual property rights. Service——The eternal pursuit is centered on the group, with Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Xi'an, Jinan, Wuhan and other large and medium city branches and offices as the starting point to form a service network that radiates the country and connects overseas. Bridges with users are established through green service channels. Success-a higher starting point. Asia-Pacific central air-conditioning projects are located in major cities in China and exported to dozens of countries and regions. More than a dozen Beijing sports projects, the new CCTV site, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the Beijing Stadium and the Papadora Project in India, and the Metropolitan Plaza in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The future — a better tomorrow. Starting with the creation of a diversified group, and working towards domestic first-class large-scale enterprise groups, the overall goal is: first, to be in the forefront of the Chinese industry, and second, to go global. Looking to the future, we have a long way to go. We are willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life to promote each other and develop together. We will give back to the society with better products and better services, and jointly promote the development of central air-conditioning equipment.
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