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You are here: Home >> Purchasing Owners >> Shandong Energy Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
Owner of Tender Procurement Owner
Shandong Energy Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

Source Information: China Metro Tendering Network Bidding Chain Database Exclusive Code: 1--1
Company basic information  
company name:
Shandong Energy Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
Business model:
major business:
mechanical industry
Registered capital:
RMB 100 million
number of workers:
1000 people or more
verification method:
Contact Information  
Bao ☆☆
Vice President of Sales
mobile phone number:
189 ******** ( Please register for free before you can browse. )
contact number:
************** ( Please register for free before you can browse. )
fax number:
************** ( Please register for free before you can browse. )
company address:
Dongdu Town, Xintai City, Shandong Province
Postal code:
sale *************** ( Please register for free before browsing. )
Company summary information  
Main business:
Plastic coated pipe, hydraulic support, shearer, roadheader, picks, high pressure hose, stainless steel column, reducer, scraper, belt conveyor, transfer machine, pulverized coal boiler, transformer, explosion-proof trackless rubber tire truck, loader , Tamping machine, Pallet truck, Internal combustion tractor, Laser reinforced central trough, Motor series
Company Profile:
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