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Tender notice for the procurement of equipment and related services for rescue equipment and other services of the Tianjin Metro Line 4 South Section Project, Tianjin Metro Line 10 Phase I Construction Vehicle Depot, etc. Bidding 2020-01-10
Tender notice for equipment procurement and related service items of diesel locomotive and catenary inspection operation vehicles of Tianjin Metro Line 4 and Tianjin Metro Line 10 Phase 1 engineering vehicle depots Bidding 2020-01-10
Shaanxi Province
Notice of Tender for Subsidiary Tube Segment Production Line, Segment Mold and Auxiliary Equipment (Second) of Municipal Workshop for the Phase I Project of Shaanxi Construction Industry Modernization PC Factory Bidding 2020-01-10
Guangdong Province
Supervision service project for equipment installation and decoration engineering of the main line station of the west extension of Shunde section and Yifeng parking lot of Guangzhou Rail Transit Line 7 Phase 1 project in Guangdong Province Bidding 2020-01-10
Guangdong Province
Supervision Service Project for Rail and Power Supply Projects of Shunde Section of West Extension of Guangzhou Rail Transit Line 7 Phase I Project in Guangdong Province-Tender Notice Bidding 2020-01-10
Guangdong Province
Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Rail Transit Line 7 Phase I Project West Gate Shunde Section Platform Equipment Procurement (Package Installation) Project-Tender Notice Bidding 2020-01-10
Zhengwan Railway (Fangcheng Section) Guihe Town Demolition and Resettlement Area Supporting Infrastructure Construction Project-Tender Notice Bidding 2020-01-10
Tender Notice for Highway Engineering of Hebei Province S234 Provincial Highway-Handan Railway Freight Yard Bidding 2020-01-10
Single Source Procurement of Qingdao Metro Group Electronic Monitoring Platform Phase II Expansion Function Project Bidding 2020-01-10
Tender Notice for Survey and Design Project of South Third Ring Station of Xuzhou Urban Rail Transit Line 4 (Post Qualification Review) Tender Notice Bidding 2020-01-10
110kV Substation Engineering Project of Yongjiao Railway-Automated Systems and Equipment Bidding Notice Bidding 2020-01-10
110kV Substation Project of Century Avenue in Rail Transit-Tender Notice for Automation System and Equipment Bidding 2020-01-10
Jiangsu Province
China Telecom Co., Ltd., Suzhou Branch, Jiangsu Rail Transit Line 3 Signal Coverage Resource Utilization Project, Single Source Procurement Bidding 2020-01-10
China Telecom Co., Ltd. Suzhou Branch Rail Transit Line 3 Signal Coverage Resource Utilization Project Single Source Procurement Publicity Bidding 2020-01-10
Anshan Telecom's 2020 Shenyang Railway pole road lease single source procurement plan public bidding notice Bidding 2020-01-10
Suzhou City
Tender notice for Suzhou City Rail Transit Line 6 engineering vehicle procurement project Suzhou City Rail Transit Line 6 engineering vehicle procurement project Bidding 2020-01-10
Yunnan Province
Yunnan Province Demand Information China Railway Kunming Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Materials and Equipment Procurement and Supply Office, Line Tools, Grinders, etc., Wire Wheel Procurement Project Demand Information Bidding 2020-01-10
Anhui Province
Notice of Public Bidding for Procurement of Cleaning Service Outsourcing of Shangtie Wuhu Track Slab Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province Bidding 2020-01-10
Announcement of Tender for the Overhaul and Renovation of Chongqing Rail Transit Line 2 from Changchangkou to Xinshancun Bidding 2020-01-10
Jiangsu Province
Tender Notice for Water Pump Project from Nanjing to Jurong Intercity Rail Transit Project in Jiangsu Province Bidding 2020-01-10
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