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You are here: Home >> Announcement of the Bid >> Chenjiaying Chagou River Rehabilitation Project of the Dayangtian Depot of Kunming Rail Transit Line 4 Publicity of bid evaluation results
Construction of the Chenjiaying Chagou River Rehabilitation Project of the Dayangtian Depot of Kunming Rail Transit Line 4
Beacon details
Announcement name:
Construction of the Chenjiaying Chagou River Rehabilitation Project of the Dayangtian Depot of Kunming Rail Transit Line 4
district belong to:
Kunming City
release time:
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If you need "Construction of the Chenjiaying Chagou River Course of the Dayangtian Depot of Kunming Rail Transit Line 4 Line, the construction of the evaluation results of the Chenjiaying Chagou Channel of the Dayangtian Depot of Kunming Rail Transit Line 4" details,
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Entry transaction number:
JKMWH ********** _ *

Tenderer ****************************** Address of Tenderer of Wuhua District Water Authority ********** ******************** Public Road No. ***, Wuhua District *** Tender Contact ######## Contact Cui Gong Contact Phone *** ********
Whether the bidding agency supervised the name and contact information of the department within the record period of disciplinary punishment Wuhua District Administrative Services Bureau: ****-********
Project name ******************************** Rail Transit * Chenjiaying Chagou River Improvement Project of Dayangtian Depot of Line No. ***************************** Rail Transit * Line Yangyangtian Depot Chenjiaying Chagou River Improvement Project Construction)
Industry authorities ****************************** Bid opening time of Wuhua District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau ****-** -** **: **
Place of Bid Opening ****************************** Public Resource Trading Center Bidding Method ***-**-** **: **
Publicity end time ****-**-** **: **
Remarks This project has no requirements for the performance of the project manager and technical person in charge.

Rejected Bidder Name Rejected Basis and Reason

No bidders have been rejected for this project! Detailed score sheet:
No bid evaluation report_No signature.PDF
The tenderer's review opinion agrees to release the reviewer:
Su Yu's change indicates that the publicity period is not less than * days. If there is any objection to the above publicity, he may challenge the tenderer during the publicity period. If he is dissatisfied with the challenge, he may lodge a complaint with the public administration bureau at the same level and the competent industry department.

company name:********************
contact details:********************
Contact address: ******************** Zip code: ******
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