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Your location : Home >> Announcement of the winning bid >> Inner Mongolia 19-494 rail car test instrument announcement of the successful candidate announcement
Inner Mongolia 19-494 rail car test instrument announcement
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Announcement name:
Inner Mongolia 19-494 rail car test instrument announcement
district belong to:
Inner Mongolia
release time:
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[ Announcement, this announcement is an attachment, please contact customer service to download the attachment, QQ: *********]
**** / ** / *
Announcement on Tender and Procurement of Materials and Equipment Bidding.
* Purchasing item: Rail car test instrument package serial number Material equipment name Specification model measurement unit #############, does not represent any designated manufacturer.
* Main matters:
*. * Basic performance requirements for materials and equipment: Manufacturers or agents registered in the People's Republic of China in accordance with the law and qualified as a legal person, and the agent issues an authorization from the manufacturer ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ unit. For details, please refer to the "Technical Specifications" attached to the bid
*. * Auxiliary performance requirements: For details, please refer to the "Technical Specifications" attached to the bid
*. * Quality assurance requirements: When there is a problem with the quality of the product, the seller implements the "three guarantees": refund, replacement, compensation and loss.
*. * Pre-sale and after-sale service requirements: *. Delivery on time according to the delivery time required by the buyer to ensure that the quality, quantity, specifications and model of the shipment are accurate. If the damage is in transit, the seller will make up for it unconditionally. *, Warranty period * years. After the equipment fails during the warranty period, we will receive a maintenance notice, provide telephone technical support within * hours, and arrive at the site for repair within ** hours. Provide ** hour maintenance call. The seller shall provide all random configurations required for the use of relevant equipment and instruments to meet user requirements. *. The quality of the product does not meet the agreed standards and should be repaired, replaced or redone without conditions. As a result, any overdue delivery shall be handled as a breach of contract liability. If it cannot be repaired, replaced or redone, it shall be treated as undeliverable. Party B shall be liable for damages caused to others due to product quality. If Party A is subject to administrative penalties and judicial authorities are held responsible for product quality reasons, Party B shall bear all losses. *. Party B guarantees that the products it sells are free from infringement of intellectual property rights. If any related problems such as infringement of intellectual property rights are caused, Party B shall bear all responsibilities. Therefore, if Party A is held liable, all losses shall be borne by Party B. * 、 Cannot be included in supplier evaluation on time.
*. * Installation, commissioning, training and maintenance requirements: ① Installation and commissioning: The manufacturer is responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment, and provides technical guidance services to ensure that the equipment reaches normal operating conditions. ② Responsible for providing related cables and auxiliary materials. ③Personnel training: The manufacturer is responsible for on-site technical training and guidance for the operating and maintenance personnel of the user unit. Requirements for accessories and accessories: ① must be brand new original products, and configure accessories according to the instructions; ② with technical instructions.
*. * Delivery date requirements: see material requirements table
*. * Performance period: one year from the date of the issuance of the bid notification. During the period of performance, if the bid is awarded, the scope of centralized procurement, joint procurement, and regional procurement is determined and the bid is determined. Person, the date of performance of the contract ****************************** The date of the issuance of the bid notification for centralized procurement, joint procurement, and regional procurement.
*. * Payment: See the contract for details. Qualified as a general taxpayer, a special VAT invoice must be issued.
*. * Acceptance method: Acceptance according to railway industry standards. (A copy of the sales agency authorization letter in the bidding document and the supply contract for the product between the agent and the authorized unit are included with the agent when the agent is delivered.)
*. ** Bid evaluation method: the evaluated lowest bidding method.
*. ** Others: Successful bidders need to log in to the ***** website to enter the supplier database, otherwise the contract cannot be signed.
* Bidder qualification requirements:
*. * Have legal operating power in the territory of the People's Republic of China, comply with relevant state regulations, and have the ability to independently assume civil liability;
*. * Good financial status and no bad business reputation;
*. * Have the equipment and technical expertise necessary to perform the contract;
*. * With the performance of similar products in recent years, the registered capital of the factory (this): not less than **** yuan.
Agent registered capital (this): not less than *** ten thousand yuan.
* At any time, it was found that the content of the bidding documents submitted by the bidders provided false information and was out of time in substance. China Railway *********************** ******* The right to hold the bidders accountable according to law.
* Arrangement of time and place:
*. * Deadline for bid opening and opening: ** year ** month * day * hour ** minutes Registration deadline: **** year ** month * day ** hour ** minutes
*. * Venue for Tendering and Bid Opening: ****************************** Shengye Plaza Comprehensive Building, Yingbin North Road, Xincheng District Sixth floor (intersection of East Station Street and Yingbin North Road, southwest corner of T-junction, west facing east of entrance of comprehensive building).
* contact details:
*. * Technical parameter consultation telephone: ****-******* Contact ######### Contact: Zhang Pengjun
*. * Bidding procedure consultation telephone: **** ― ******* Contact person: Cui Jianyu
*. * Contact number of the contract signing unit: ****-******* Contact person: Gao Jie
* Tender download method:
*. * The bidding documents can be downloaded by public user login in "Material Purchasing Business Platform of Hohhot Railway Bureau"; username: htjzbw password: htj ***. After choosing normal login, click once to download the attachment below the tender announcement.
* Bidding cost:
*. * The price of each set of bidding documents is ** yuan, and the bid will not be returned. The bidder must remit the bidding document fee to the following account * working days before the bid opening: Account bank: Bank of China *************************** *** Xinhua Sub-branch Account Opening Name ****************************** Account Number: *********** *
*. * Tender fee Bank remittance vouchers indicate the taxpayer identification number or the unified social credit code. The name of the remitter must be accurate and consistent with the name of the bid unit. Individual remittances are not accepted. Arrival is considered as abandoning bids automatically. The bidder shall bring the original or photocopy of the bank transfer receipt on the day of bid opening. The finance department will receive the invoice and receipt.
*. * Remittance phone: **** ― *******
* Bidding registration:
*. * Registration method: Send to: hhht****@***.com, the subject of the email indicates: bid number, package number, unit. The contents of the email are as follows: ① bid number; ② bid item (package number) number; ③ bid unit name; ④ contact person name; ⑤ contact phone number; ⑥ company official seal; ⑦ tender fee bank transfer voucher. ⑧ Unregistered bids will be considered invalid. 二次 A second announcement is required, which is subject to the opening time of the second announcement. For specific matters, please contact: ****-******* Zhang Pengjun
*. * Format of the entry form: official seal of the bidding entry form; date; year, month, day, unit name, unit address, postal code, authorized representative, telephone, fax, telephone, and e-mail address. *** ― *
China Railway ****************************** Material Equipment Procurement and Supply Office
****year month day

company name:********************
contact details:********************
Contact address: ******************** Zip code: ******
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