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Your location : Home >> Announcement of the winning bid >> Gansu China Railway Lanzhou Bureau Group Operation Recorder Winning Notice
Gansu Province Railway Lanzhou Bureau Group Operation Recorder Winning Bid Notice
Beacon details
Announcement name:
Gansu Province Railway Lanzhou Bureau Group Operation Recorder Winning Bid Notice
district belong to:
Gansu province
release time:
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****************************** The results of the job recorder are being publicized ************ ****************** Materials and Equipment Purchasing and Supply Office ** On **, **, **, the operation recorder was invited for bidding, and the bid evaluation results for this purchase are now The announcement is as follows:
First, the purchaser ****************************** Freight Department Second, the project number: ########## # /> 3. Date and media of purchase announcement:
Year ** month ** day-**** year ** month ** day
http: //wz.lanzh.*****.cn/index.jsp
4. Review information:
Review time: ** year ** month ** day
Venue: ******************************************* ******* Room ***, West 2nd Floor, Jinlun Building, No. *** Minzhu East Road, Chengguan District
Review comments:

Package number

Package name

The bid-winning unit ############## can be written in writing within three days from the date of the announcement of the bid evaluation results. ********** In case of questioning of the procurement of materials and equipment, overdue deadlines will not be accepted.
V. Contact Information
Purchasing agency name: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆ /> Purchasing agency location: ******************************** ************************ Contact person of the purchasing agency on the second floor of Jinlun Building West, #Minzhu East Road *** ######### Contact Person: He Gong Telephone: ****-*******
Sixth, the bid-winning unit must reduce the cost of material procurement management services from its designated account in accordance with the requirements of the bidding documents. Method one (bank remittance):
Name of Institution: China ****************************** Account No. 2 Bank of Financial Central Accounting Management Office Bank: ICBC Minzhu West Road Sub-branch account: *************************
Method Two (Online Bank Remittance):
Unit name: Lanzhou Railway Capital Clearing House Account opening bank: Industry and Commerce ****************************** Minzhu West Road Branch Account number: ** *****************
Online remittance postscript: the second part of the transfer calculation ******
Please indicate the item number when remittance, other payment methods and personal remittances are not accepted)
7. The bid-winning unit must receive the bid-winning notice within ** working days from the date of the announcement of the winning bid, holding the bid management service fee payment certificate and the unit's letter of introduction. To regret, abandon the bid and deduct the negotiation deposit.
Materials and Equipment Procurement and Supply Office
year month day

company name:********************
contact details:********************
Contact address: ******************** Zip code: ******
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