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The 10th China Hydrological Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2018
The 10th China Hydrological Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2018
Time: 2017-11-28 17:31:28 Website: China Metro Tender Website
The 10th China Hydrological Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2018
The tenth China hydrological technology and equipment exhibition in 2018

Exhibition time: May 30th-June 1st, 2018
Time: May 30-June 1, 2018
Venue: Shanghai International Sourcing Convention and Exhibition Center
VENUE: Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing

Instructor: China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)
Organizer of the Ministry of Water Resources of the People's Republic of China: International Hydrological Society
Committee of Hydrometeorology of Chinese Meteorological Society
Supported by: Hydrology Bureau of Ministry of Water Resources of China
Meteorological, Hydrological and Oceanographic Instrument Branch of China Instrumentation Society
International Hydrometeorological Equipment Industry Association (HMEI)
Shanghai Meteorological Society Organizer: Shengsheng Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Official Website:
Exhibition Review by the International Hydrological Society Hydrometeorology Committee of Chinese Meteorological Society Hosted and supported by a number of domestic and international organizations, the "China Hydrological Technology and Equipment Exhibition" has been held for nine sessions with great success. It is the only national professional exhibition in China and has become the largest hydrological specialty in Asia. exhibition. In addition to Chinese users, buyers and distributors from Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea and the Middle East also made a special trip to China to visit and discuss trade cooperation.
Exhibition Overview There are many rivers in China, and the task of monitoring hydrology and water quality is very onerous. With the rapid development of urbanization in China, problems such as poor water environment quality, severe damage to water ecology, and many hidden dangers of water environment are very prominent in some areas. In order to continuously speed up the work of improving the construction of the hydrological and water quality monitoring system, further explore the latest methods of ecological restoration of the water environment, exchange advanced work experience in various provinces and autonomous regions, and effectively improve the understanding of new technologies and knowledge of the majority of water conservancy practitioners in China, and better promote Application of new instruments and equipment in hydrology and water quality monitoring and water environment ecological restoration. The ninth China Hydrotechnical Equipment Exhibition, referred to as "GRF EXPO 2018", organized by Shengsheng Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., will be held from May 30th to June 1st, 2018 in China • Shanghai International Procurement Exhibition Center. Exhibitors from multiple countries and regions will showcase their latest technology and equipment, and discuss the most cutting-edge development trends and market trends.
GRF EXPO 2018 has been fully launched, and professional visitors come from the hydrological and water resources bureaus of various river basin agencies, provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, counties and cities (water resources) bureaus (stations), water resources (water affairs) bureaus, environmental protection bureaus, and the environment. Technical personnel and management personnel engaged in related work such as monitoring centers, reservoir management bureaus, river affairs bureaus, and irrigation district management bureaus. Experts and scholars in universities and research institutes engaged in hydrological and water quality monitoring and environmental governance are engaged in hydrological and water quality monitoring and water management at home and abroad. Suppliers of environmental governance technology and equipment, come to visit and discuss cooperation, and look forward to meeting you at the "GRF EXPO 2018" site!
Registration time for exhibition: May 28-29, 2018 Opening Ceremony: May 29, 2018 9:30
Display transaction: May 30th-June 1st, 2018, exhibition withdrawal: 14:00, June 1st, 2018
Establish a multi-party communication platform for users, research institutes and manufacturers in the field of hydrological monitoring, with strong pertinence, exchanges between supply and demand, promote the promotion and application of new technologies, new instruments and new products for hydrological monitoring, and promote the reform and development of hydrological monitoring. Injected strong momentum.
Exhibition scope:
Hydrotechnical equipment exhibition area: water quality monitoring equipment, hydrological monitoring instruments, water regime forecast, online monitoring technology and equipment, automatic hydrological station equipment, automatic recording and mapping device, GPS, GRS and GIS technologies and equipment, etc
Hydrology Informatization Exhibition Area:
Related systems: water resource management software, flood prevention and drought resistance information management system, mountain flood disaster monitoring and early warning system,
Monitoring center: central server, external network fixed IP, hydrological and water management information management system software;
Communication network: Communication network platform based on mobile or telecommunications, Beidou satellite;
Telemetry terminal: Hydrological and Water Resources Telemetry Terminal RTU
Measuring instruments: water level gauge, rainfall sensor, camera;
Power supply mode: city power, solar power, battery power.
Hydrological analysis equipment and consumables exhibition area: related analysis instruments, equipment, consumables, etc.
1. Exhibitors should fill out the "Exhibition Contract Form" in detail and stamp it with the official seal, and mail or fax it to the organizing committee;
2. After registration, the exhibitors must remit the relevant fees into the account designated by the organizing committee within 7 working days;
3. The booth arrangement is based on the principle of "first registration, first payment, first arrangement", and the organizing committee has the right to adjust a small number of booths;
4. Exhibits transportation, exhibition reception, accommodation and other matters will be sent separately by the Organizing Committee three months before the exhibition.
Please contact us in time to get the latest exhibition information. Contact person: Mr. Cai Zhaoliang Tel: + 86-21-64203876
Mobile: 18917352889
QQ: 1138383803
Official website:

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