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Case Study of DC Smart Lighting System in Shenzhen Qiaocheng East Road
Case Study of DC Smart Lighting System in Shenzhen Qiaocheng East Road
Time: 2017-06-13 15:09:54 Website: China Metro Tender Website

 Using DC power supply, through wireless communication technology, using computers and mobile phones to perform remote centralized management, remote diagnosis and maintenance of road lighting, to achieve intelligent control of street lights, improve management efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and save energy.
(1) The control device (ie, the drive power) of all the lamps in the DC centralized cabinet does not require the "AC-stable DC" conversion function, and all of them are replaced by multiple high-power power modules in the centralized control cabinet. The drive power is separated from the LED lamps. The heating of the lamp is reduced, and the driving power is greatly reduced due to its own ambient temperature, which makes the lamp highly reliable and has a long life. There is no power factor problem, and the power supply line loss is also large. At the same time, the power module also achieves high reliability, long life, high quality, and makes the lamps and systems highly efficient, reducing the overall system cost. In other words, the biggest advantage of the Sunda DC smart lighting system is that the LED lamps can be made very simple, easy to interchange from the structure, reduce costs and save energy and long life.

U300 Indoor DC Centralized Cabinet N300 Indoor DC Centralized Cabinet Solar backup power and lithium battery DC EPS
(2) LED lamps are powered by DC. LED lamps are not affected by the EMC of the AC grid on the lamps and by the lightning strike of the AC grid. The circuit of each LED lamp control device is very simple, high reliability, long life, low power consumption. The temperature rise is small.
(3) Power supply line In the reconstruction of the intelligent lighting system, the power line of the original AC power supply grid can be used as the DC output line. The output DC power supply line can be three lines (for the positive, negative, and ground lines of> 120V high voltage DC), or Two wires (corresponding to the positive and negative poles of ≤120V DC and meeting the requirements of safety extra-low voltage) save investment costs compared to traditional three-phase five-wire AC power supply lines.
(4) Sunda DC Smart Lighting Monitoring and Management Platform Sunda DC Smart Lighting Monitoring and Management Platform uses programmable controller control and advanced communication remote control, which can suppress the impact voltage and surge voltage of the power grid and increase the service life of lamps. It is convenient for users to master the use, query and setting parameters. The system integrates computer technology, intelligent control technology, data acquisition technology, and communication technology. It not only realizes the system's self-test, automatic diagnosis, and automatic control, but also realizes remote measurement, remote signaling, and remote control of the power supply system. It can also automatically switch lights according to the local latitude and longitude; you can also set the brightness value in different periods to achieve the time-graded dimming function, so as to achieve more humane management and improve energy-saving effects.
Ten advantages:

Safe and reliable: DC power supply is more secure, are power modules redundant, and multi-level lightning protection safety configuration;
简易 Easy maintenance: the system is configured on the ground, no high-altitude, road-sealing operations, hot-swap design of the module, N + 1 redundant backup, no need to replace the faulty power module;
 Energy saving and environmental protection: high-voltage DC power supply, low loss, low temperature rise, power factor is higher than AC drive of the same file, graded dimming, lighting on demand, secondary energy saving;
 Eliminate strobe: DC power supply, no AC strobe, ensuring comfortable and safe driving at night;
成本 Reduce costs: No need to lay light, and low-cost dimming control can be achieved by adjusting DC voltage, lowering operation and maintenance costs;
 Protect investment: upgrade existing or implemented projects, and integrate single light control;
灵活 Flexible management and control: single lamp control and loop control can be flexibly mixed to meet various monitoring requirements;
远程 Remote monitoring: automatic remote alarm, remote dimming and switching of street lamps, street lamp fault information display, electrical parameter monitoring and data statistical analysis;
全 System Versatility: A set of systems that can simultaneously control multiple scenarios such as road lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, etc., and can also realize full asset management of lighting;
扩展 Smart expansion: expand intelligent modules as needed, smoothly connect new energy (photovoltaic power generation, etc.), openly connect to smart cities and urban Internet of Things, advocate for standardization of intelligent control platforms, and achieve interconnection of products from different manufacturers;

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