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2017 China (Kunshan) International Elevator, Parts and Accessories Exhibition Notice
2017 China (Kunshan) International Elevator, Parts and Accessories Exhibition Notice
Time: 2017-03-01 10:27:37 Website: China Metro Tender Website
2017 China (Kunshan) International Elevator, Parts and Accessories Exhibition Time: August 29-31, 2017 Exhibition Address: Kunshan-Huaqiao International Expo Center (Jiangsu-Kunshan)
Invitation letter organizer:
China Machinery Industry Federation Kunshan Economic and Information Committee Organizer: Kunshan Huaqiao Shenbo Convention Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai Bohui Business Exhibition Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yinghui Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Special Support Unit: Huaqiao Economic Development Zone Management Committee Co-organizer: Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association, China Mechanical Engineering Society Nondestructive Testing Branch Northeast University Institute of Industrial Explosion and Protection, Kunshan High-tech Zone Robot Industrial Park Supporting unit:
Kunshan Science and Technology BureauKunshan Science and Technology AssociationKunshan Intellectual Property OfficeKunshan Industrial Economic FederationKunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd Purchasing Association Kunshan Mould Industry Association Kunshan Small and Medium Enterprise Bureau Kunshan Energy-saving and Low-carbon Industry Association Gas World Automotive Network Kunshan Taiwan Compatriot Investment Enterprise Association Kunshan Economic Development Zone Safety Production and Environmental Protection Association Exhibition Schedule:
Coverage of exhibition: August 27-28, 2017 Exhibition time: August 29-31, 2017 Withdrawal time: 17:30, August 31, 2017
Exhibition scope:
◆ Elevator: Passenger elevator, home elevator, hospital bed elevator, sightseeing elevator, elevator decoration, car decoration, car decoration roof, car floor decoration hall car door decoration, sightseeing elevator decoration.
Door control and car system, car and counterweight, car body, car frame, counterweight frame, counterweight compensation chain (rope), safety protection system, speed limiter, weighing device, overload device, Alarm device, emergency rescue device, fire switch, safety gear, electric drive and electrical control system, power supply, transformer and voltage regulator, inverter speed feedback and speed regulation device, elevator cable.
Traction drive, toothed traction machine, toothless traction machine, electric motor, gearbox traction braking device, escalator and moving walkway, drive host, brake, control cabinet, metal truss, hydraulic system and components, hydraulic valve , Hydraulic pipeline, hydraulic oil, oil filter, oil and gas cooler and heater, muffler, wind sounder.
Elevator installation and maintenance, sales, installation, maintenance, etc.
Related industries, real estate development, construction property, government procurement, scientific research institute service trade robot, elevator robot.
■ Booth Cost:
Standard booths for domestic and foreign-funded enterprises: RMB6800 / 9m2 / exhibition period: RMB8800 / 9m2 / exhibition period (from 36 m2) RMB680 / m2 / exhibition period: RMB880 / m2 / exhibition period楣 brand production, 9 square meters of carpet, one negotiation table, two folding chairs, one 10A / 220V single-phase socket, two spotlights.
■ The empty space does not bring any exhibition racks and facilities. Exhibitors will arrange special decoration or commission a construction company recommended by the organization.
■ Examples of advertisements: In order to assist the exhibitors in publicizing during the exhibition and let customers know the exhibitors and communicate with them after the conference, the organizing committee will carefully edit and print the conference catalogue. In addition to distributing the journal to professionals visiting the site, it is also distributed to industry authorities, agents, sellers, user units, research institutes, associations, etc. Enterprises can publish the journal page and Live advertising.
(Proceedings specification: 210mm × 285mm)
Position Price Name Price cover ¥ 8,000 Back cover ¥ 5,000
Back cover ¥ 6,000 Cross color page ¥ 3,000
Front cover ¥ 4,000 Full color ¥ 2,000
Title page ¥ 4,000 Black and white full version ¥ 1,000
◆ 【Exhibition Procedure】
1. Fill in the "Booth Application Form" in detail and mail or fax it to the Organizing Committee.
2. Wire the exhibition fee (50% deposit or full payment) to the organizing committee within one week of applying for the booth.
3. The principle of booth order allocation is "first application, first payment, first arrangement". After receiving the "Exhibition Application Form" and booth fees, the organizer will send the invoice to the exhibitor along with the contract. Exhibitors quit halfway after registering for the exhibition, and the participation fees paid will not be refunded. Accommodation, product transportation, etc. are subject to the Exhibitor Manual.
Contact address: Room 501, No. 1, Lane 1339, Luoxiu Road, Shanghai Tel: 021-3115 1951
Fax: 021-3115 1951
Contact: Lei Hao 13818297776

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