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Citrus tea drying process: Stellar heat pump technology
Citrus tea drying process: Stellar heat pump technology
Time: 2016-12-08 08:46:50 Website: China Metro Tender Website
When referring to Xinhui specialty products, we must mention the Xinhui Chenpi. When it comes to Xinhui Chenpi, we must mention orange tea. Citrus Pu'er Tea uses pure natural Xinhui Citrus (a product protected by the National Geographical Indication) and Yunnan Pu'er Tea as raw materials. It is processed by special technology without any additives. Features: It combines the fruity scent of Xinhui Citrus and the savory sweetness of Yunnan Pu'er Tea, so that the citrus peel (that is, the peel) and the tea can absorb the essence of each other, forming a citrus Pu tea with unique flavor and excellent taste. Citrus Pu'er Tea must use authentic local Xinhui Citrus, so that the Citrus Pu'er tea will have a refreshing fragrance. In the past, traditional orange drying was used to dry fresh mandarin orange tea, but this traditional process can no longer meet the market demand. It is necessary to use a large-scale mandarin orange tea dryer "Hongxing" heat pump for mass production.

Citrus Tea Heat Pump Dryer

In terms of technical route, citrus tea dryers are divided into electric heating dryers, air-source heat pump dryers, and dryers using wood fire or coal blocks as heat sources, each with advantages and disadvantages. Electric heating dryers heat up fast and have a small investment, but because of high energy consumption, they are not suitable for mass production. The use of firewood or coal blocks has strong firepower, sufficient temperature supply, and lower investment. The dried citrus tea has a dark color, full integration of citrus and tea, and has a special flavor. But after all, a large amount of combustion derivatives such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide are produced during the combustion of wood fire or coal, and pollution will occur during the baking process.

Citrus Tea Heat Pump Dryer

Heat pump dryer to dry mandarin orange tea

Air source heat pump citrus tea dryer is a new type of drying equipment, this drying equipment has been used in large-scale Chenpi production enterprises. It is believed that there will be more and more applications in the field of citrus tea production in the future. The air-source heat pump citrus tea dryer is very energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and free from any pollution. The energy consumption is about one third of that of traditional electric dryers. It is a new type of drying equipment being promoted by the country. The disadvantage is that the investment is slightly larger than the electric heating dryer and the coal block furnace, but it is also worth the money. Because the air-source heat pump citrus tea has a service life of up to 15 years, there is no need to send people to watch the fire like the earth furnace during the baking process, which greatly reduces the cost of duty.

The orange tea dryer is composed of a warehouse, an air source heat pump heating system, a condensation dehumidification system, and an automatic temperature and humidity control system.

1. Outdoor host part (generating cold and heat sources);

2. The indoor part (radiates cold and heat to the room);

3. Condensate piping system (the channel for the concentrated discharge of condensate generated by air-conditioning indoor units);

4. Air system (channels for conveying new, exhaust, and circulating air) include: air duct, muffler, air supply port, return air port, exhaust air port, fresh air port, air volume adjustment valve;

5. Electrical control and power distribution system.

Advantages of using air source heat pump citrus tea dryer:

① Improving work efficiency is conducive to professional and large-scale production;

② It can reduce mechanical pollution and improve the quality of the peel: the drying effect is good, the material will not be deformed, cracked, discolored, degraded, non-oxidized, thoroughly dried, good rehydration after drying, less loss of nutrients, long storage , More effective than any traditional drying equipment to protect the color, aroma, taste, individual shape and active ingredients of dried matter.

③ Reduce the risk of natural environment constraints and reduce the losses caused by weather changes;

④ It can improve economic benefits: The operating cost of air source air source heat pump dryer is only 40% of fuel dryer, 60% of coal dryer and 30% of electric heating equipment. Safe and environmentally friendly drying and dehumidifying air source heat pump unit has unparalleled absolute safety (electrical separation technology) and zero pollution emissions.

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