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Novel air source heat pump drying tea process
Novel air source heat pump drying tea process
Time: 2016-12-08 08:46:35 Website: China Metro Tendering Network
Heat pump technology is a new energy technology that has drawn much attention in the world in recent years. The "pump" that people are familiar with is a kind of mechanical equipment that can increase potential energy. For example, a water pump mainly pumps water from a low position to a high position. The "heat pump" is a device that can obtain low-grade thermal energy from air, water, or soil in nature, and perform work through electricity to provide high-grade thermal energy that can be used by people.

Air energy (source) heat pump, as a kind of heat pump technology, has the reputation of "porter of natural energy", and has multiple advantages such as low use cost, easy operation, good heating effect, safety and cleanliness. The energy in ubiquitous air is used as the main power, and the compressor is driven by a small amount of electrical energy to realize the transfer of energy without the need for complicated configuration, expensive water intake, recharge, or soil heat exchange systems and special machine rooms. The large amount of pollutant emissions brought by heating to the atmospheric environment guarantees the efficiency of heating while taking into account the goals of energy conservation and environmental protection.
Tea drying process

There are three methods for drying tea: drying, frying, and drying. The drying process of green tea is generally first dried and then dried. Because the moisture content of the tea leaves after twisting is still high, if they are directly fried, they will quickly form clumps in the pot of the drying machine, and the tea juice will easily stick to the wall of the pot. Therefore, the tea leaves are first dried to reduce the water content to meet the requirements of frying.

The drying of black tea is a process of fermented tea preforms by using high temperature baking to quickly evaporate moisture to maintain dryness. Its purpose is threefold: to use high temperature and rapid blunt enzyme activity to stop fermentation; evaporate moisture, reduce volume, fix the shape, and maintain dryness to prevent mildew; emit most of the low-boiling grass smell, stimulate and retain high-boiling aromatic substances, and obtain black tea Uniquely sweet.

Advantages of air source heat pump drying tea

1. The high-temperature air source heat pump is used to dry the tea. The output is large, the quality is good, the energy consumption during the drying process is low, and the operating cost is effectively reduced.

2. The drying process is heated by the hot air medium, the temperature distribution is reasonable, the tea is evenly heated, and the drying effect is good.

3. Safety and environmental protection, without any harmful gas emissions.

4. The drying process is automatically controlled by the temperature and humidity system with high accuracy, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of incomplete or excessive drying due to manual control, reducing labor intensity.

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