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Microporous aerator
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Yager Rubber & Plastic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
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Product Details

Tubular microporous aerator
Release time: 2019-07-18 10:06:45 Release website: China Metro Tendering Network

Product name: Tubular microporous aerator
Release time: 2019-07-18 10:06:45
Model specifications: TD65-2-110-1000 EPDM / silicone
Place of Origin: Guangdong
Product Price: Negotiable
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Sales Unit: Yager Rubber & Plastic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Sales Phone: 0755-29832412
Mobile phone number: 18128848597
Responsible for sales: Miss Li  
Sales address: 1st and 2nd floor, Building A9, Silicon Valley Power Auto Electronics Venture Park, 334 Guiyue Road, Guanlan Town, Longhua District, Shenzhen
product description
Basic performance and parameters of aerator:
(1) Inner diameter of rubber diaphragm: 64mm
(2) Effective length of diaphragm (opening): Matching according to specific model (3) Fixing method of rubber diaphragm: Design of replaceable diaphragm (4) Applicable working temperature: 0 ° C to + 100 ° C
(5) Micropore bubble diameter: about 2mm
(6) Number of openings: about 19,500 openings per branch of EPDM membrane; about 15,000 openings per branch of silicone membrane; (7) pressure loss: single ventilation volume of 8m3 / h, less than 5000Pa (refer to Tongji University test report)
(8) Service area: more than 1.5m2 / branch (9) Oxygen utilization rate: As measured by clear water, the ventilation volume is 8m3 / h, and it can reach more than 38% when the water depth is 6.0 meters. Oxygenation capacity is greater than 0.8kgO2 / h (refer to the test report of Tongji University)
(10) Theoretical dynamic efficiency: at a ventilation volume of 8m3 / h and a depth of 6 meters, it is greater than 6kgO2 / kW.h (refer to the test report of Tongji University)
(11) Applicable air flow: optimal aeration range: 6-8mN3 / h per branch
Minimum aeration volume: 3mN3 / h each
Maximum aeration: 12mN3 / h each
Critical aeration volume: 20mN3 / h each
(12) Operation mode: continuous or intermittent operation; TD65 variable microporous rubber membrane aeration tube has a self-closing function when stopping aeration to ensure that sewage will not enter the air system. After a long time out of air, it can still be aerated normally, and has anti-blocking function.

Material (1) Rubber membrane material: The rubber membrane material of the tube-type microporous aerator is EPDM rubber or silicone, which is professionally produced by the German Jaeger Group. The product meets the technical performance of the DIN standard.
(2) Tubular aerator support tube: Double-groove aerator support tube and joints made of reinforced PP (reinforced polypropylene) materials are pressure-resistant, aging-resistant and impact-resistant.
(3) The clamps connecting the diaphragm and the support tube are made of stainless steel single-ear clamps from professional manufacturers, which has high reliability.
product description
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