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Hebei Huayu Water Conservancy Machinery Co., Ltd.
The screw hoist is from 0.3 to 50 tons, divided into single crane and double crane, a total of more than 20 kinds. There are manual type, electric type, dual-use type, closed type, etc.
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Hebei Huayu Water Conservancy Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Phone: 0319-5489017
Mobile: 0319-5489017
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Hebei Huayu Water Conservancy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer of headstocks and gates for fixed-point production by the Ministry of Water Resources, with strong technical force and advanced equipment. Its products are highly enclosed and reliable in quality, and are well received and trusted by customers. Their products are sold all over the country and have made great contributions to China's water conservancy cause. Our company's main products are: screw hoist from 0.3 to 50 tons, divided into single crane, double crane, a total of more than 20 kinds. There are many types of manual, electric, flashlight, closed type and so on. The gate is divided into cast iron and steel. Specifications from 0.2 × 0.2m to 5 × 5m. Hoisting hoist from 5 tons to 2 × 200 tons and other specifications. The company provides users with various specifications of rubber water stop. In 2002, it was rated as "Excellent Private Enterprise" by the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and the People's Government of Hebei Province. Awarded the title of "Hebei Province Science and Technology Enterprise"; Xingtai City Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee was rated as "dual civilization unit". 二 ○ â ...... [ View details ]
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Hand-push gate hoist
Hand-cranked hoist
Electric hoist
Side swing hoist
Curved two-way water gate
Double hanging point hoist
Steel gate
HQ-P Rotary Dirty Cleaner
Foul fence
Cleaning machine
QPQ, QPK hoisting hoist single crane, double crane
Shoot the door
Curved cast iron gate
Water-swellable rubber waterstop
FRP shutter door
WHQ Barrier-free Sewage Cleaner
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China Water Conservancy Enterprises Association
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Good Credit Enterprise
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Certificate of Abiding by Contract and Credit
National Industrial Production License Certificate Details
National industrial production permit
Screw head hoist use license
Hoisting hoist use license
AAA certificate
Organization code certificate
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