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Hebei Tonghai Ruihong Railway Equipment Co., Ltd.
Titanium alloy hydraulic lifting machine, etc.
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Hebei Tonghai Ruihong Railway Equipment Co., Ltd.
Official Integrity Certification No .: 671820
Honest Enterprise Security Sales champion
Contact: Tonghai Ruihong Staff
Phone: 0311-85056914
Mobile: 0311-85056914
Fax: 0311-83072872
Address: Fenghuang North Street, Tianshan International Manufacturing Industrial Park, Shijiazhuang
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Hebei Tonghai Ruihong Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. is located at No. 8 Fenghuang North Street, Tianshan International Manufacturing Industrial Park, Shijiazhuang. The company advocates that employees adhere to the concept of "excellent quality, sincere service, concerted efforts and innovation" to serve our customers. The company has comprehensively deepened product quality, established a comprehensive quality management system, passed ISO9001 quality certification, CRCC certification of China Railway Inspection and Certification Center, and its products have passed many inspections by the Quality Inspection Center of the Chinese Academy of Iron Sciences ). In order to adapt to the rapid development of railways and meet the requirements of light and fast rescue equipment, our company is the earliest manufacturer in China to use three-level titanium alloy hydraulic lifting equipment in actual rescue. The railway rescue equipment has ushered in a revolutionary change. The lifting equipment has passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal of Taiyuan Bureau, and has obtained the national new practical patent. In order to solve the rescue problem after the intermediate wheels such as one-piece trucks or large road maintenance machines are off line, our company has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to develop unpowered ... [ View Details ]
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Hydraulic Shear Expander
Hydraulic rerailer YFG-500 (manual)
Three-level titanium alloy lifting machine
Titanium alloy wheel lifter
50T two-stage lifting machine
Vehicle simple bogie
Herringbone rerailer
EMU combination (midpoint) rerailer
Three-level titanium alloy lifting machine
Combined (Dovetail) Rerailer
Titanium alloy wheel lifter
Rail car bundle
30T traction equipment
Combined (forcing) retracker
Hydraulic rerailer YFG-300
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