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Jiangsu Liangang Leather Machinery Co., Ltd.
Tanning Machinery
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Jiangsu Liangang Leather Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Phone: 0518-85153777
Mobile: 15950757777
Address: High-tech Industrial Park, Lianyungang Development Zone, Jiangsu Province
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Jiangsu Liangang Leather Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of tanning machinery and equipment. The company has a number of high-quality electronics, mechanical engineering and technical personnel and a comprehensive sales team. The main products are: roller printing finishing machine, artificial leather / synthetic innovative multifunctional roller coating machine, film ironing machine, kneading machine, leather grinding machine, kneading machine, printing roller coating machine, laboratory roller coating machine, There are dozens of varieties such as picking machines, laminating machines, roller ironing machines and related equipment. Has a number of invention patents and practical patents. The company has the right to import and export, and can self-operate and agent the import and export business of various commodities and technologies. Since its inception, it has introduced and absorbed advanced technologies at home and abroad, and has collected valuable opinions from tanners. It has been operating in good faith with the tenet of "people-oriented and quality wins. In just a few years, the products have spread all over the country, and have been well received by customers. We will provide advanced equipment for the development of China's leather and synthetic leather industry with advanced technology and perfect after-sales service. ... [ View details ]
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