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Dongguan Yongye Machinery Co., Ltd.
Embossing, color changing, bronzing, laminating machine (leather surface treatment machine), leather rubbing, polishing, waxing, burner etc.
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Phone: 0769-85157716
Mobile: 189 2570 5533 Mr. Ma
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Dongguan Yongye Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Honest Enterprise Security Sales champion
Contact: Mr. Ma staff
Phone: 0769-85157716
Mobile: 189 2570 5533
Address: No. 39 Jinda Road, Juqi Village, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
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Dongguan Yongye Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Yong'an Machinery, Yongye Machinery) was founded in 1986. It has many years of rich experience in the research and development and manufacture of special equipment, and has continued to innovate to continuously improve its products to meet customers' higher requirements. Demand! Especially in the design and manufacture of fabric processing machinery, the company's unique design concept has been formed: from the perspective of the user, it has continuously strengthened the advantages of the product in terms of energy saving and safety, while also improving the overall quality of the product. Let users use the equipment for a long time at a lower cost and more competitive power! Dongguan Yongye Machinery Co., Ltd. is a machine manufacturing plant with rich experience. Specializing in the production of leather back-end processing machinery: embossing, color changing, bronzing, film laminating machines (leather surface treatment machines), leather rubbing, polishing, waxing, burnishing machines, glitter coating machines (Glitter machines), Various laminating machines, coating machines, PUR hot-sol coating laminating machines, shoe material laminating machines (laminating machines, cloth clamping machines), underwear cloth laminating machines, super glue laminating machines, EVA film laminating machines, TPU film laminating machines Machine, self-adhesive gluing (coating) machine, no ... [ View details ]
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Single plate surface treatment machine (leather color changing machine) artificial leather color changing machine
Leather color changing machine (printing machine)
YG-02BZ leather sheet TPU / EVA / PUR hot melt adhesive film laminating machine
YG-02B hot melt adhesive film laminating machine
YG-02BC2 Leather Embossing and Hot Stamping Laminating Machine
YG-02A1B leather color changing foil stamping machine
YG-02A1B2C Color changing, bronzing, foiling, embossing, gluing and fabric bronzing machine
YG-02BC Leather Embossing Hot Stamping Machine
YG-02ABC Leather color changing, bronzing, foil, embossing, high solid machine
YG-01K1 Cloth Laminating Machine
YG-PUR1 PUR hot melt adhesive coating compound machine (PLC control type)
YG-PUR3 PUR hot melt adhesive coating compound machine (simple type)
YG-PUR2 PUR hot melt adhesive coating compound machine (high speed type)
YG-PUR1-1 PUR hot melt adhesive coating compound machine
Leather super fiber PUR hot melt adhesive laminating machine
YG-PUR1 PUR hot melt adhesive coating compound machine (PLC control type)
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Utility model patent certificate 5
Design patent certificate 2
Design patent certificate 1
Utility model patent certificate 4
Utility model patent certificate 3
Utility model patent certificate 2
Utility model patent certificate 1
Trademark registration certificate 2
Trademark registration certificate 1
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