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Yongchang Power Equipment Co., Ltd.
High, middle and low voltage transmission and distribution electrical equipment and transformers
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Yongchang Power Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Yongchang Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high, middle and low voltage transmission and distribution electrical equipment and transformer manufacturers. The company introduces advanced manufacturing and testing equipment from Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and other countries to ensure that the company's products are always at the leading level at home and abroad. The company's leading products are: 35KV, 20000KVA and below S9 oil-immersed transformers, S11 oil-immersed transformers, SCB10 dry-type transformers, KS9 / KS11 mining transformers, rolled iron core transformers, amorphous alloy transformers, on-load voltage regulation Transformers, electric furnace transformers, rectifier transformers, European box transformers, American box transformers, iron core processing and body processing of power transformers, and can design and produce special transformers, non-standard transformers according to user requirements, with an annual production capacity of 2 million KVA; With an annual production of more than 20,000 sets of electrical equipment, advanced technology and strict quality management have won the trust of customers. The company's transformers have preferential prices and reliable quality, and customers are spread throughout the country. Some products are exported to the United Arab Emirates, Southeast Asia and other countries and area. The company follows the people-oriented, honest and trustworthy business philosophy, with first-class products and quality service ... [ View Details ]
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SCB10 / SCB11 dry type transformer
SCB10 dry type transformer
SCB10 dry type transformer
SCB10 / SCB11 dry type transformer
Electric furnace transformer
10kv dry type transformer
35KV dry type transformer
35KV oil immersed transformer
SZ9 / SZ11 on-load voltage regulator transformer
High overload transformer
KS9 / KS11 mining transformer
Rectifier transformer
S11 / S13-MRL three-dimensional coil iron core transformer
S11 / S13 oil immersed transformer
Photovoltaic transformer
High temperature transformer
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